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Village Life with a Touch of City Spirit

With a parish population of over 17,000, Cottingham claims to be the largest village in England.

Whether or not this is the case is yet to be confirmed, but in our opinion it’s certainly the most beautiful village in all of the UK.

As leading estate agents in Cottingham, beercocks are here to help you really make the most of this wonderful place to call home. Even the village’s name is attractive, with “Cot” referring to the deity Ceridwen, who possessed the cauldron of poetic inspiration, “ing” meaning a water meadow, and “ham” being a home. So if you’re looking for a creative and peaceful place to settle, Cottingham is the perfect choice.

Whilst the village is very popular with affluent professionals and retired couples, it’s also a hive for young people and families. This is due to Cottingham having a strong employment offering and being efficiently linked to Hull city centre, allowing an easy commute by train, car, bus, or even bicycle if you want to get some exercise before the working day begins.

Speaking of an active lifestyle, Cottingham is absolutely ideal for getting out and about. With so many areas designed for walking, running and cycling, the village provides countless scenic routes. Then there’s the Cottingham Health and Fitness Centre, King George V Playing Fields and the nearby Cottingham Parks Golf and Leisure Club, providing ample opportunity to stretch your legs, enjoy some fresh air and get the old cardiovascular system pumping.

Cottingham is a well-designed village that offers a self-contained system. This includes national chains such as Sainbsury’s Local, Boots, Peacocks and Costa, as well as a diversity of independent shops. Blondes, for example, is a fantastic vegetarian café that’s also dog-friendly, whereas the window of Mr Smith’s Delicatessen is sure to grab your eye, not to mention your appetite.

If you love a sense of celebration, you can experience tons of live music at the Springboard Festival and Cottingham Folk Festival. Plus the Cottingham Food and Drink Festival is spot on if you want to pick up some mouthwatering morsels, created by producers from across the region.

As for the property on offer, the range is incredible. Elegant apartments and charming terrace houses nestle seamlessly amongst impressive townhouses and detached homes. So whether you live alone or as a couple, plan to start a family or need room for a dozen, Cottingham is sure to have a highly appealing solution to fit your budget.

Living in Cottingham is a great way to enjoy East Yorkshire’s picturesque scenery and relaxed character whilst having easy access to a city centre lifestyle. We strongly recommend asking us for more information, as our family-run company only employs people who are passionate about local knowledge and making the most of available amenities. 

To find out more about renting or buying property in Cottingham, get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly experts.

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