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12% Worry Property Values Will Drop Because Of Unsightly Neighbourhoods

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Sat 11 Jun 2016

12% Worry Property Values Will Drop Because Of Unsightly Neighbourhoods

Keeping your local neighbourhood clean, tidy and welcoming is good for everyone who lives there, and shows visitors that the residents nearby really do care about each other and their local area.

However, the latest Britain at Home report from Lloyds Bank Insurance has found that 12 per cent of homeowners believe the value of their properties will decrease because of the local surroundings. In fact, for 20 per cent of people living in unsightly neighbourhoods (with problems such as rubbish, vandalism and overflowing bins), the issue has become so great that they’re considering moving house.

The study found that 61 per cent of those living in poorly maintained neighbourhoods feel negative about where they live, with feelings such as irritation, upset and discomfort all becoming apparent.

“It is clear that while people in the UK acknowledge a widely held desire to live in a pleasant environment, this is often not being achieved, and with huge consequences. There are things we can all do to improve our external spaces, which will increase well-being and even reduce crime, therefore making our neighbourhoods better places to call home,” chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy Allison Ogden-Newton said.

An unattractive neighbourhood could also have an impact on how quickly you’re able to sell your house. They often say that buyers make up their mind about a property before they even go inside, which should emphasise the importance of ensuring the outside areas nearby are kept pristine and welcoming for all.

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