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Home Movers Left Without Broadband ‘For Weeks’

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Sun 03 Sep 2017

Home Movers Left Without Broadband ‘For Weeks’

They say that moving house and getting divorced are two of the most stressful things that anyone can go through in their lives… and when it comes to relocating, it’s certainly not hard to see why. There’s so much to organise, sort out and arrange that it can be quite overwhelming – and it seems that the ‘fun’ doesn’t stop even after you’ve moved into your new house.

New research from Citizens Advice has just revealed that more than one in three people who move house experience delays in getting their broadband up and running – some of them having to wait two weeks to get it sorted out.

The most common issues that people come across when setting up or transferring their service were found to be slow or unreliable connections, multiple visits from engineers and engineer appointments having to be rescheduled. While it might sound like a small problem, we’re so connected these days that it can be very difficult to suddenly find you have no internet access – especially when you think just how much we’ve come to rely on the online world for life admin like banking and paying bills.

Chief executive of the charity Gillian Guy commented on the findings, saying: “Moving house can be a difficult and stressful experience and delays in getting the internet can make this worse, if providers fail to keep to promised dates or engineering visits don’t materialise. Broadband is now such an essential service that people moving house will often rely on it for crucial tasks, like changing their address for household bills or ordering essentials.

“It is fundamentally unfair that in some cases customers are paying for a service they don’t receive for weeks or even months at a time after moving.”

Citizens Advice is now calling for broadband providers to ensure that exit fees are not charged for those people who do experience unreasonable delays, like going weeks without an internet connection. The same should apply for those who move somewhere where they can’t receive the same service they’ve had in the past.

This comes after recent MoneySuperMarket research found that WiFi access or lack thereof is now one of the most stressful parts of moving home, even more so than access to childcare. Weak phone signal and the lack of a working kitchen were also found to be top irritations for those relocating these days.

You should make sure that you prioritise your internet connection when moving house and put it near the top of your checklist so you can avoid any potential problems wherever possible.

Think about whether you’re happy with your current package and broadband provider, as it may be better for you to switch – or you may have to if your internet service provider doesn’t have coverage in the area you’re relocating to. Do some research ahead of time so you know what providers do have coverage in your new area.


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