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Lend More For Green Home Buyers, Says Report

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Mon 24 Jul 2017

Lend More For Green Home Buyers, Says Report

If you’re currently on the search for a new property, then the best estate agents Hull has to offer can help you pick a property which has the green credentials you want. Of course, you may be interested in doing your part to save the environment, but you may just be after the associated savings on energy bills that come with an energy efficient home.


Now, a research study funded by the government has concluded that mortgage lenders should offer better deals for eco-friendly homes, according to the Guardian. The report suggested that if the energy performance certificate of a potential home under offer was taken into consideration when it comes to potential monthly outgoings, then you could see the amount borrowed from banks increased by around £4,000 to £11,500 more in some cases. Basically, you’re expenditure on energy will be less, so your affordability factor is higher!


All estate agents by law must show an energy performance certificate when listing a property and the report believes that it is surprising this isn’t taken into consideration with affordability calculations when this could make a big difference to people looking to get a foot on the property ladder.


If this was included you’d begin to see more value in energy efficient homes and see more people insulate their homes to gain value. A further plus is that this is also creating something that could have a big impact towards the housing market being more environmentally friendly.



If this was passed as part of eligibility it could also make a great positive impact on the building and insulating industries across the UK.