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13 Million Homeowners 'Had Unexpected Building Work' On New Homes

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Wed 10 Aug 2016

13 Million Homeowners 'Had Unexpected Building Work' On New Homes

It's vital that you ensure you hire someone to carry out a survey on a house if you're interested in buying it, or you could find yourself seriously out of pocket. New research from Churchill Home Insurance has found that 13 million new homeowners have had to carry out unexpected building work on their properties after moving in - which could have been avoided if a survey was done.

In all, more than seven million people opted not to have a survey carried out on their current property, with 56 per cent of those who did end up having to do extensive building work saying that knowing about this in advance would have had an impact on their property-buying decision.

It's perhaps unsurprising that people are opting to skip the survey, since property prices are so high that budgets are no doubt stretched. But it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run if you neglect this part of the house-buying process.

Head of Churchill Home Insurance Martin Scott said: "Only by having a qualified surveyor assess a property are prospective buyers fully informed of the true state of that property, so it is an essential part of the buying process. Those relying on a mortgage valuation alone should be wary as this is just a cursory look at a property from a mortgage lender to assess how much it is worth, not a survey looking at the state of the property."

The most common problems you'll encounter following a survey include roof problems, electrical installations, central heating systems and damp and timber issues.

You should find out whether any of these problems are covered by a guarantee and ask the surveyor to tell you how costly it will be to solve these issues. Where major works are concerned, you should ask a builder to give you a quote.

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